Site Updates

Check back frequently to this page where we’ll list the changes we’ve made to this site (listed below from the most recent update).

4/23/20 – Added Sandy Soil question to FAQ page.

3/18/20 – Added Silver Lake study and article provided by RLS to Lake Management page.

3/11/20 – Added Sign-up Form and moved Proposed Ordinance to Codes and Compliance page within Groups.

2/26/20 – Added explanation concerning the 4 attachments mentioned in the Codes and Compliance Group and Proposed Ordinance Timeline pages.

2/27/20 – Added Community Feedback Page moving answers to questions we’ve answered on Facebook to this dedicated space (questions 1-15).

1/29/20 – Adjusted language to make clear that the Proposed Ordinance was not approved and had simple been submitted for comments and questions to the Golden Township Planning Board.

1/28/20 – Original site published with the SLUV initial Proposed Septic Ordinance and basic SLUV info and some FAQs.