SLUV Groups

There are several Groups formed at the initial Silver Lake United Voice meeting in July 2019 to address different aspects of the effort.  They are –

  1. Boundaries Group – This group has worked to determine the appropriate boundaries to ensure Silver Lake would be protected from all inputs.  See the Proposed Map

  2. Code and Compliance Group – This group was tasked with developing a Septic System Proposal.  They pursued reviewing other communities that have similar situations as our lake and determining the actions they have taken and the results of those actions. They chose a close neighbor in Leelanau County that currently is the model we have worked from to develop the Proposed Ordinance.

  3. Funding – A significant concern for our proposal is how to fund these activities. This group The task before us will require cooperation, collaboration and compromise.

  4. Technology Group – The goal of the Technology Group is to recommend the best technology solution available to solve the concerns with the pollutants filling the lake.

  5. Public Outreach and Education – This group is charged with informing those in the Proposed Septic District of the activities concerning United Voice so the are prepared to participate when the final survey concerning adopting the Proposal is taken.