Technology Group

The goal of the Technology Group is to recommend the best technology solution available to solve the concerns with the pollutants filling the lake. There are numerous new technologies that are available to replace and/or add onto conventional septic systems that breakdown solid and liquid waste in such a way that does not introduce harmful toxins into the soil and ultimately the lake. 

As the other communities provide us with the exact concern and acceptable levels, we will provide the best recommended technologies to combat the issues. Our goal is not to only give a few company names to use. Rather, we plan to provide the way these pollutants can be broken down and maybe a few vendors in the area that say they can provide solutions. 

January 2020 Update – This group continues to meet to investigate and recommend available technologies that will help us meet our septic goals. They have looked at technology currently HD10 approved and are exploring other ideas as well. Their goal is to help identify, and recommend for HD10 approval, the most current methods and technology for our area to fit property owners and businesses varying needs. They are taking many factors into consideration – nutrient reduction in current systems, entire systems, systems for spatially challenged properties, and commercial sized systems. Property owners and businesses can then have several options from which to choose for their specific needs.