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SILVER LAKE UNITED VOICE is dedicated to the Health and Quality of Silver Lake.

Our vision is to help create a sustainable process in which to make and keep our lake clean now and for future generations. 

This site is the official communication channel for the Silver Lake United Voice efforts, and we’ll do our best to keep this site up-to-date with the latest information. 

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If you would like to be involved or have any questions, PLEASE email us at slunitedvoice@gmail.com

The Silver Lake United Voice Story
Multiple studies over numerous years have shown a decline in Silver Lake water quality, and cite phosphate and nitrates from area septic systems as a significant source.  A potential community sewer system solution proved to be too costly and was not supported by property owners (voted down 2019).  The issue of Silver Lake property phosphate and nitrate pollution needs to be solved in a cost-effective manner.

An (easy to read) PowerPoint presentation outlining our efforts starting in July 2019 can be found here.

Silver Lake United Voice (SLUV) was organized by Silver Lake property owners and encouraged by members of Golden Township’s Board to find a common sense way to protect Silver Lake’s environmental health.  The initial public presentation in July of 2019 noted the following for SLUV:


    • We strive to make changes that are positive, not punitive or burdensome for citizens, businesses and local government.


    • Improve the environmental health of Silver Lake.
    • Maintain human health.
    • Keep costs to a minimum while we do the above.
    • Maintain open lines of communication and transparency with all residents


    • To closely examine septic system policies for the area of Silver Lake, identifying any problems, and examine potential methods to solve them.
    • Present findings to Golden Township Planning Commission.

Problem Statement:

    • In Michigan septic systems are never inspected once initially installed.
    • This lack of oversight has caused 100% of our rivers to contain human fecal contamination.
    • Phosphate and orthophosphate when combined with nitrogen causes algae blooms in Silver Lake.

A valuable document explaining the issues we are confronting can be found in The Septic Question. This document was an effort of Health Department of Northwest Michigan and Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council on behalf of the Septic Question Project Committee in 2016.

From this initial meeting five groups formed to address different aspects of the Silver Lake United Voice (SLUV) effort –

    • Boundaries: to determine the Golden Township properties to be covered.
    • Codes and Compliance: to work on a public ordinance that could be adopted by the township.
    • Technology: to find technology that will improve septic system effluent to an acceptable level for Silver Lake. 
    • Funding: to address two items; one being how to fund the administration of the Golden Township Septic District and the second being how to assist those properties in need of financial assistance if they need a new septic system.
    • Public Education and Outreach: to inform Septic District property owners of SLUV efforts and provide vital information in preparation for voting on the Proposed Ordinance. 

Throughout the Fall of 2019 to present, these groups are working on their respective efforts.  The first group to present its work was the Codes and Compliance through a presentation to the Golden Township Planning Commission at their January 2020 regular meeting.  That presentation is here and a Facebook post of that recorded meeting is here.