SLUV Proposed Solution

SLUV has consulted with Golden Township and District Health Department #10 (DHD#10) to ascertain their needs regarding language, inspection, and enforcement criteria for an enforceable Septic Ordinance.

SLUV has also researched several other current health codes and ordinances around the state in search for a workable solution for Golden Township. Initially we drafted a very comprehensive re-write of septic policy and presented that draft for comment to the Golden Township Planning Commission in January 2020. This first draft ordinance, found here, while comprehensive was maybe more that required to help solve the Silver Lake water quality issue we face. The COVID-19 pandemic effectively stopped any further exploration of this first draft for the remainder of 2020, and SLUV went back to the drawing board and developed a second approach to changing Golden Township’s Septic Ordinance that streamlined and simplified the process.

To understand the changes being proposed by SLUV please review the current Golden Township Septic Ordinance found within the GT Zoning Ordinance starting on page 29, here’s the current complete ordinance.

The revised Golden Township Septic Ordinance proposed by Silver Lake United Voice can be found here. This update proposes three simple changes –

  1. Mandatory inspection of septic tanks every five (5) years (draft Inspection Form),
  2. If your septic system is within 200 feet of a body of water, you will be required to add an ATU (Advanced Treatment Unit) onto your existing septic system. (current code call for within 100 feet of a body of water.) (DHD#10 Variance Policy),
  3. Mandate enforcement of septic system maintenance/upgrades (defined by possible replacement of septic systems if it fails inspection and/or addition of an ATU on the current system)(SLUV Proposed GT Septic Ordinance).

We’re looking for your feedback on these proposed changes, please let us know your thoughts via email to

COST Estimates

Based on the proposed changes being made by Silver Lake United Voice the following are the estimated costs for property owners –

  • Required Septic System Inspection – every five (5) years – estimated at $250 (includes tank pumping)(Draft Inspection Form),
  • If you already have an ATU (Advanced Treatment Unit) – annually start up fee (adds necessary bacteria to awaken system for season) – estimated at $150,
  • If you need to add an ATU to your existing functioning septic system (required if your system is within 200′ of a body of water) – one time cost estimated at $3,500,
  • If you are installing a new ATU equipped septic system – one-time cost estimated at $7,500,
  • If you need to replace your standard (non-ATU) septic system – one-time cost estimated at $5,000,
  • There are several methods to replace or eliminate your drain field; contact a local septic specialist for a quote. If you have a failing drain field there could be several remediation options, it may not need to be replaced.
Who is affected by this proposed change?

The intent of Silver Lake United Voice is to have all properties in Golden Township subject to the updated ordinance, the improvements we seek to Silver Lake’s water quality will not be seen unless we all work together and apply the same public health standard across our township.