Steps to Success

How can we improve the health of Silver Lake?  Here are some steps to break down the process: 

  1. Present/Refine SLUV Septic OrdinanceSolicit public comment on proposed ordinance through website/email/social media

Next Steps:

  • Public review of completed proposed Ordinance 
  • Send out a property owners survey (currently creating the survey)
  • Compile survey results and publish results to the community 
  • SLUV presents Golden Township with the revised septic ordinance
  • Golden Township approves the proposed Ordinance
  • SLUV and the Township work together to:  
    • Place infrastructure and personnel  
    • Post a 60 day notice for owners regarding new enforceable ordinance
    After the 60 day mark, the ordinance is officially in place and we are on the road to a healthier Silver Lake!
  • First Inspections are scheduled