Proposed Ordinance Timeline

The Timeline for the Proposed Ordinance moving forward is currently being developed

Present until June 2020

  1. Present/Refine SLUV Proposal
  2. United Voice solicits Public Comment on Proposed Draft through website/email

Next Steps

  1. Public Review of Completed Proposed Ordinance (Public Readings)
  2. Property Owners Survey after RLS – Silver Lake Public Workshop Presentation
  3. Golden Township Proposed Ordinance Approval
    1. Infrastructure and personnel in place
    2. 60 day notice for owners
    3. Add Septic District Fees to Property Tax bill (after 60 days notice)
  4. Implement Requirements begin
  5. First Inspections commence


Our Apologies for any confusion on the ordinance draft attachments. The four attachments have been identified as necessary items but haven’t been written yet. They will be included as the ordinance becomes more complete.
1) The address list is currently a map under the “Boundaries” section. The map would be replaced with a complete list of addresses.
2) The sample permit will be the specific permit document.
3) The evaluation report will be the inspection form.
4) The enforcement agent job description will be a complete job description for that position.