Boundaries Group

This group has worked to determine the appropriate boundaries to ensure Silver Lake would be protected from all inputs. This desire means the inclusion of Upper Silver Lake, Lake Holiday, Upper Upper Silver Lake, Hunter’s Creek and a portion of Golden Drain. This group engaged Golden Township in reviewing the plats and collected property numbers that met the above criteria.  The Golden Township Assessor then created a list and map of the selected properties.  When included with “Phase I” from the 2019 Proposed Sewer Project we have a complete picture of about 1700 properties. See the Proposed Map.  (our apologies on the quality of this map, this is a work in progress and is subject to change, and we will post a clear map once it’s ready) 

Properties Subject To This Ordinance

  1. Township may add properties at their annual review meeting
  2. Properties may be removed by appeal and positive recommendation of the EA by board vote at the annual meeting
  3. Board vote is final
  4. Proximity to open water places a property within the Septic District
  5. Map gives overview

Advising Owners of This Ordinance

  1. Owners shall be notified of their property’s inclusion in the Septic District
  2. Additional properties may be added at an annual meeting
  3. Owners are provided a 60 day notice
  4. Property owner may present cause to prevent their property(ies) addition to the Septic District
  5. The Board decision is final