Codes and Compliance Group

Silver Lake United Voice Proposed Ordinance

Please note this Proposed Ordinance is the work of Silver Lake United Voice Codes and Compliance Group volunteers who are seeking input from all parties, including the Golden Township Planning Commission along with interested community members.

It has been a journey to write what we hope is an acceptable ordinance that fits the need for ALL involved.

We have consulted with Health Department #10 (HD10) and Golden Township to ascertain their needs regarding language, inspection, and enforcement criteria for an ordinance (We refer to this as the United Voice Proposal). Our citizen group then met several times to fine tune this proposal. To do this, we looked at several other current health codes and ordinances around the state, found one that best suited our need and modified it from there.

When we felt we had it fine-tuned for further feedback, we then met with HD10 representatives and received overwhelmingly positive feedback and a couple of suggestions that were incorporated. We then solicited feedback from the Township, presented at the January 28th Planning Commission meeting.

The current draft, as written by SLUV, of the proposed Golden Township “Inspection and Permitting of Residential and Business On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems within Golden Township Septic District” is as follows –

SLUV Proposed Ordinance Draft – Presented 01/28/2020


The four attachments have been identified as necessary items but haven’t been written yet. They will be included as the ordinance becomes more complete.
1) The address list is currently a map under the “Boundaries” section. The map would be replaced with a complete list of addresses.
2) The sample permit will be the specific permit document.
3) The evaluation report will be the inspection form.
4) The enforcement agent job description will be a complete job description for that position.