Codes & Compliance

SLUV has consulted with Health Department #10 (HD10) and Golden Township to ascertain their needs regarding language, inspection, and enforcement criteria for an enforceable Septic Ordinance.

SLUV has also researched several other current health codes and ordinances around the state, found one that best suited our need, and modified it from there.

Once the draft was complete, it was presented to Golden Township 1/21/20.

Draft #1  SLUV Proposed Ordinance Draft – Presented 01/28/2020

Draft #2 GT-Septic-Ordinace-Draft-4-3_26_2021-1

  • In the matter of transparency- we are providing all drafts of the Proposed Ordinance. Please refer to the most recent Ordinance date when seeing what is currently being proposed

In addition, here is the most recent HD10 Septic Variance HD10 Septic Variance Policy (3)